Cumalloverus was created as a quarantine side project to surface more of the independent content created by individuals, rather than professional studio made porn. We accomplish this by using Pornhub's free video widgets they offer to third party websites to embed into their sites. It's similar to Tweeting a link to a Youtube video. You watch the video on Twitter, but the video is hosted by Youtube. We are not affiliated with Pornhub.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I didn't give you permission to use my videos!

Pornhub allows other websites to embed video widgets of publicly posted videos. If you uploaded a video on Pornhub that is publicly viewable then a website can embed a link to the video on their website. The video is hosted and maintained by Pornhub but is displayed on our site using a special widget provided by Pornhub. When you delete or make a video private on Pornhub it will not be viewable here. As long as a video is available to view for the public on Pornhub then websites can embed them on their sites.

Links to official PornHub resources:

If you prefer that we not link to your videos and other social media content you can contact @Cumalloverus on twitter or email contact@cumalloverus.com and we will remove all links to your profile and videos.

Are you offering a boosting service?

No. We're an independent porn site that sources its content from Pornhub. Pornhub allows other sites to embed links to videos that people post publicly on Pornhub. We do not offer any service to purchase or trade video views on any site.

Are you stealing my content?

No. Pornhub allows third party sites like ours to embed links to videos that content creators have posted publicly. When you delete a video or make it private on Pornhub it will not be viewable on this site.

I'm on here and I don't want to be!

Contact @Cumalloverus on twitter or email contact@cumalloverus.com and we will remove links to your videos and profile.

Someone else is posting my videos!

Since we are not affiliated with Pornhub we cannot remove them from Pornhub. However, we can hide them from our site and ensure that they do not get undeserved views. If someone else is reposting your content contact @Cumalloverus on twitter or email contact@cumalloverus.com.