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I started my PornHub adventure with my boyfriend J.P. because we always loved photography and cinematography. As we grew up that passion began to flourish into something a little naughtier ;) So, we decided to give it a try and see what we could do! People really seemed to like our content and it’s truly the big motivation to keep producing and trying new things. Keep in mind that we are just the regular naughty couple next door, we don’t aspire to become the “next big thing” on this industry. We try to be active on the community, comment and respond to all messages you guys sent, and we are terribly sorry for not answering them all. If you felt inspired by us, use the referral code 359732371 when creating your account! If you would like to help me produce even more sexy content, you can now download my videos in full quality here on PornHub! Big kiss ♡

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