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Ariana Skyy

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My name is Ariana Skyy, and my hubby’s name is Damien but he goes by savage! I’m a sexy 22 year old, all natural, sexy pink little redhead. Savage is 26, 6’0, with an 8 inch super thick dick(; We don’t tolerate any kindof hate on our videos, criticism is welcome but keep your hateful, poly-phobic comments to yourselves. WE SELL!!!! We do sell used panties, used socks, Used condoms, Anything you’d like we can work out a price! We're also currently looking for a third girl to record with us! We’re also interested in doing couple collaborations! If you’d like to submit an application for some fun, and you're in our area(NC), email us! If our out of state, but able to host us, don’t hesitate to send us a quick DM! OUR SNAPCHAT PREMIUM IS OUR MOST ACTIVE ACCOUNT You can see all my social medias and sites, including my new Instagram, at our linktree;

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