Luxury Girl

Luxury Girl

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Hi You! My name is Kristina and I'm an amateur porn star. I reside in Estonia, but I also travel around the world. I spend a lot of my time on different hobbies: casual reading, sports racing, playing the piano, or paragliding. I also love nightlife and would never miss a good party. But my biggest passion is Sex. The Sex. My mind and body are always craving for it. But I guess You could tell that already from my body of work ;) I'm incredibly grateful to all my followers for their comments, likes, and private messages. It's so nice to see that people enjoy my work so much they go out of their way to express it to me. And sometimes I get more of them that I can physically handle. And that's the only reason, I haven't answered some of those. One way to fix it is to click "Become a Fan" and subscribe to my Fan Club. Then I can guarantee that You would get a reply from me. And I'll be glad to hear your suggestions and advice for the video. Or what is really fun is that I can make a video just for You!

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