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Hi - I'm Kira Queen. A natually busty, exotic MILF pornstar from Russia. Most people dream of being an astronaught or doctor or something like that when they're young. But not me. I always dreamed of being a pornstar. I have always been aware of my sexuality. And being from a conservative backgound, I always had this craving for sexual freedom. I remember the time I moved away from home, I just felt like fucking everybody. I always found it impossible to say no to someone I liked. I'm always keen to learn something new about sex, discover and connect with new people. I have absolutely loved every second of my porn career. But now I want to show you something different. I want to show you my real sex life. Here you will see what I get up to with my boyfriend - don't worry, he loves me to fuck other people - and my real life lovers. As a person I'm very gentle, quiet and friendly. I love reading, cooking and generally being a big lazybones:)

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